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Thats been done 4 times this year already thanks very much.
And besides which, how in the hell is 'being aware of breast cancer' a good thing?

I get up in the morning. I'm aware of breast cancer. I brush my teath. I'm aware of breast cancer. I eat my breakfast, and oh lordy, I'm aware of breast cancer. And so it goes on during the day untill somewhere around midnight I'm going to bed, wanting to slit my wrists over breast cancer.
Seriously, what has been achieved. Is any money raised by all this awareness? No
Is it a promotion of healthy living that would avoid breast cancer developing? No
Are people with breast cancer specifically discriminated against in society in ways that sufferers of other illness aren't? No

Will me being aware of breast cancer all day every day help even one person, even the tiniest bit? No

Is there other consiousness raising stuff I could be doing? Oh, hell yeah.

So f*ck off with your turn facebook pink campaigns already. Its been done to death. and thatsd the only reason you are doing it, just to jump on the bandwaggon, you silly silly people - and deep down you must know that, you manipulative f*cks. It's adolesent playground cr*p, defining the 'in' groups who are 'good' people and the 'out' groups who are not 'good' people. Thats all it is.


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