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Someone once told me that one sure-fire way to get laid is to read at a lesbian poetry reading.

I am here to prove that wrong, cause getting laid is NEVER that easy for me.

But please anyone who wants to come along and see me read some of my poetry, the support would be fantastic


heres the text of the invite for those who don't have facebook;
Spring is here at last! Blossom is falling, bunnies are bouncing and love is in the air - so join us for a special Incite this Wednesday 27th April!
This month we're featuring Jordan Savage: Jordan Savage is a writer by religion and an academic by trade. Expect Americana-infused political licks with rhythm and blues, and a submerged desire to grow up to be Patti Smith. visit www.jordansavagepoetry.wordpress.com for more!

Ashleigh Yin Campbell: Hailing from North London, Ashleigh wowed the crowd earlier this year at Incite and returns with a new extended set. An artist as well as a poet, Ashleigh brings us her philosophical take on life.

and Ciara Doyle: Ciara is from Dublin in Ireland, and has been enjoying living the lesbian life in London for the last year and a half. She works in education, and has been writing on and off most of her life. She attempted her first novel at the age of nine, and for her pains got into much trouble from the teacher for wasting a copy book - the fear has stayed with her ever since.

as well as - shh! - some Very Special Surprises from our Incite crew, and our fabulous Open Mic!

Join us in First Out Cafe Bar basement from 7:30!

We're also having our monthly planning meeting upstairs at 6:30 pm, so if you fancy chatting over hummus and helping with the future of Incite, do come along!

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