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Today I went in to town to meet Dale. It was a great afternoon. We met at Covent garden for three, and I can't believe I have never been around there before. We started in a chip shop, strolled through the market as far as a pub where we had a drink, then got a bus up to First Out for cake. And thats it. But in managing all that I stunned myslef as thats the most walking together in one day for a very, very long time. it wasn't easy, and involved quite a few stumbles, a hell of a lot of rests on tiny stretches of walking, but no hit-the-ground falls. All in all it was a lovely afternoon/evening, helped in small part that Dales brain was whirring with her own problems so I got to not talk much about my health. That sounds terrible, doesn't it, like I'm glad a friend has issues, but its just a good break to be able to put my brain/sympathies somewhere other than my own jelly legs.
I was well and truely 'does he like sugared' though in the process. Dale wanted to start by getting a quick haircut, and I asked to use to loo when in the hairdresser. The hairdresser told Dale where I could find the bathroom, asked Dale if I was OK, and then stared in horror when Ii went in on my own, asking Dale why she wasn't helping me. He never spoke one word directly to me in all this time, although I was the one who directly asked him where the toilet was. Gurrrrr


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