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I keep telling myself that if I could start with a small target, like making a proper post every day on a sensible topic, I could perhaps drag myslef out of the bed-rest doldrums somewhat.
Having nothing to do is killing me, andleaving me doing nothing, including hte 2 essays I should be writing, and, and and and... and all the many things I could be doing.

It's driving me NUTS!

First Entry

Apr. 3rd, 2006 12:14 am
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Why on earth have I just spent the last half hour registering for this live journal? Any excuse to do something non-work related, I suppose. And now its after midnight so I really need to go to bed. The earlier I get into work in the morning the more I will get done before the groups are in on top of me and the more chance that I will be some way together for hte dreaded meeting with beauty and the beast in the afternoon.
Only one more week in the torture chamber anyway, and then I finally get to leave. For ever. Hooray! How long before I moan just as much about my new job?


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